In his testament, István Gertner, a former cantor in Bečej, left his house  Caritas of Subotica, on the condition that there shall be some kind of social activities organized. After taking into account in the negotiations with the local parish priest, and Bečej County Social Services Development Strategy, the decision was as follows: Caritas will open a day-care for mental and / or physical damaged for young people.

From the donation of Caritas of Aosta, the house was adapted for the new function. We built ramps for the cars of disabled, established a large community room, an office, kitchen, workshops, and toilets and showers suitable for the disabled people. The building received new water, electrical wires, gas central heating. The roof has been completely renovated, too.

The Csilla von Boeselager foundation donated to the day-care center for the furniture and the equipment needed. From Subotica a vehicle was given to the disposal for Bečej daycare service.

Following a consultation with the Bečej parish priests, a decision was made that St. Roch shall be the namesake and patron of the day-care center.

The day-care center St. Roch has begun to operate on 10 October 2009, on the World Mental Health Day. The day-care center employs two or three persons from the Caritas staff are kept and 15-20 persons who need care. In 2013, the day-care employees worked on a voluntary basis, because we could not managed to find sponsors to pay the staff.

Transport of the elderly to the doctor, hospital or rehabilitation began in September 2011, by support of the Austrian Caritas Linz.

In 2011 two Projects were introduced to combat addictive disorders.  One of them was called “the first step in prevention”, in which 135 schoolteachers participated. This project was supported by the Homeland Foundation, the City of Subotica, Neudorf parish and the schools themselves. Another project was organized in elementary schools with material support of th city council of Subotica in accordance with the general decision by the city council to step in combat against addictive disorders.

Organization of a computer course for the marginalized young people, in which 11 young people participated. This activity and a part of purchasing the equipment, were sponsored by the Homeland Foundation.

The collection and donation of food, clothing, footwear, furniture and stoves was held throughout the year. Collections for Easter and Christmas were organized in Subotica, Senta, Stari Bečej and Apatin. “Svetozar Marković” grammar school Subotica organized food collection on the poor world day, which was forwarded to our whole organization to distribute to the needy.

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