Report on the activities of Caritas Subotica in 2015.

Caritas Subotica in 2015 has operated in the following areas:

  1. Senior Care in Subotica, Kanjiza, Senta and Mali Idjos
  2. Caritas – Club activities – Homeless care
  3. Transport of elderly and sick patients
  4. Supply of Refugees and Migrants
  5. Language Teaching
  6. Animate of Parish Caritas groups
  7. Environment Protection
  8. Fight Against Poverty
  9. Hiring of Hospital beds, Wheelchairs and other aids
  10. Hearing Center

1 Senior Home-Care

The center of the “home aid and basic home care” service is located in Subotica. Out placed workgroups are also active in Kanjiza, Mali Idjos and Senta . The service are funded by the city government and the municipal governments .

Monthly figures reflect of the following activities:

Associate          treated           visits               home-care service

Kanjiza         10                177                 885                 4680

Mali Idjos       3                  60                  313                  973

Senta             4                  76                  408                1135

Subotica        8                 220                 709                 4282

2 Caritas-Club

The Caritas-Club from the beginning of the year worked on a voluntary basis, because we could not find sponsors to pay our employees. In the framework of two public work program, two employees could have been employed on June 1 to October 31 so that the activities continued in more organized way until the end of the year.

In addition to the regular activities of Caritas-Club the following the following activities have been organized:

The volunteers leader, dr. Tunde Borcsok weekly measured blood pressure and sugar levels and gave medical advices to the club members.

Within the framework of the program organized for International Day for Older Persons pupils from Djuro Salaj elementary school sang, danced and recited for the delight of the elderly, Caritas Club choir featured as well. The show ended with a modest agape.

Under the framework of Christmas program pupils and kindergarten children from Supljak, and the local cultural association’s Ludas Matyi women’s choir and dance group acted on Hungarian. On Croatian language a short scene from the Aleksandrovo religius education pupils pointed out, what is Christmas.

The Christmas-New Year packages made from donations by entrepreneurs from Subotica was distributed by Santa to 70 children. It was organized by leaders of the city at Caritas Club.

The pensioners of local communities and the Women’s Forum organized balls every month for the elderly.

Every two weeks we organize a trip to Kanjiza or Junakovic Spa.

Dr. Magyar Lorant mental health specialists held weekly group sessions and individual consultations. Similarly, Geza Kovacs organize hagiotherapy meetings every two weeks.

On 31 December 2014 a refuge for the homeless program was launched at the Caritas Club and lasted until 13 January 2015 and from 6 until 18 February. This was financed by government of Subotica City and organized by the Red Cross. On average 16 to 20 people took advantage of the night accommodation, three meals a day, bathing and clothes washing facilities and basic medical care. The Social Centre assessed and decided who can get shelter at Club. The Subotica Caritas volunteers were on duty every night.

3 Transport of elderly and sick patients

Transport of elderly and sick patients is performed by a colleague, by a car or by a van. The patients are asking this service for organizing the transport to the clinic, rehabilitation, dentist and to solve administrative affairs. We transported the elderly to the programs organized by the Caritas Club and to Mass for the sick. We accomplished weekly 10-14 round-trip transportation. This program is supported by Caritas of Linz.

4 Supply of Refugees and Migrants

The national project was launched within the framework of support for refugees and migrants program. It is supported by three donors:

First, the CRS – the US episcopal conference’s charitable activity rented a 80-square-foot montage building, which was set up in the courtyard of the Kanjiza police station. In one part there are two eight-bed room, three showers and three toilets with wash basin, in which women and children could receive placement. The other part of six showers and six toilets with wash basin by male family members or other men have used. The two facilities serving the person and their environment is kept clean by Subotica Caritas staff with the support of the CRS.

The second donor is the German Government and the third is the Deutscher Caritasverband, which together supplied the refugees and migrants in Subotica on the territory of the brick factory, at the temporary reception center in Kanjiza and at Horgos near the Hungarian border and then at Sid, where a three-member working group went twice a week in healthcare help. During the three and a half month period 4254 food packages for, 310 hygiene kits for women, 201 packages for children and 80 raincoat were distributed.

5 Language Education

On a competition organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities the Subotica Caritas won the support for special education of the Serbian and English languages for Subotica Technical College students. The education was implemented by Science doo Senta. From the first class 90 young people learned English and Serbian. From the second class 50 Hungarian students learned the Serbian language in two hours per week.

6 Animate of Parish Caritas groups

The Italian Caritas, national Caritas mediated by activation of the parish Caritas – supported groups. Under the tendering procedure could apply for a sum of EUR 500 mikroprojektum parties. 5 parish volunteers have exercised that discretion. The Lenten time between children, parish priests and catechists in cooperation, we organized a gathering in the churches for the benefit of children in Ukraine. The sum of € 1,000 was taken by the Greek Catholic Exarchate Caritas volunteers to those in need.

Implemented on 6 December at the Caritas collection on Sunday the churches in the diocese. The donations to the parish Caritas groups to animate translated.

On 12 December was held in Novi Sad at the Caritas volunteers and staff of the spiritual year ago. Half of the 200 participants came from our diocese.

7 Hiring of Hospital beds, Wheelchairs and Other Aids

By the end of the year we rent for free 18 hospital beds, 86 wheelchairs, 75 walkers, 20 walking sticks and 5 room toilets.

8 Hearing Center
All of a volunteer emergency hearings, picks up the data, assessing the social situation, advise on how to implement their fundamental civil rights and, if available, food parcels, clothing, footwear gives him. Furniture and household appliances regularly mediate between the donors and the needy, organized transportation.

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