The Caritas of Subotica established the home care service in the summer of 2009 on the territory of the municipality of Kanjiža. The home care service officially became operational on 08 of July 2009 in Kanjiža and Horgoš. In organizing the service representatives of the Kanjiža Local Government and the local Red Cross, Centre for Social Protection, Health Center of Kanjiža, the Centre for Social Services, as well as representatives of the Caritas of Subotica were actively involved.

Caritas Subotica won a tender of Labour, Employment and Gender Equality Secretariat of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina for public works.This project enabled the work for four employees for a six months period. The municipality the Red Cross of Kanjiža provided the office building for the service. The office is on excellent and easily accessible location.

Kanjiža home-care service was launched by four employees, who provided 50 elderly, sick and disabled people. On 01.08.2011, the service has been extended by a further five employees. Therefore at the end of 2011, the home-care service has made every day live of hundreds of people easier, more pleasant and more livable. At that time, Caritas services in Kanjiža, Horgoš, Martonoš, Orom, Trešnjevac and Male Pijace were also available.

The service was initially equipped by bicycles, blood pressure gauges, medical consumables and telephones were installed.

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