The Caritas of Subotica established the home care service in Mali Idjos municipality on 01 of August, 2008.

The creation of service was allowed by the support of Health and Social Protection Secretariat of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the mayor of Mali Idjos municipality and the Caritas of Novi Sad dean district. Mali Idjos municipality representatives, the Health Centre of Mali Idjos, the Centre for Social Work, Women’s Forum of Mali Idjos took part in the organization of service activities.

In the five months’ the Caritas of Subotica provided salary for the two employees, afterwards the municipality of Mali Idjos provided the sources to continue and develop the service.  In 2009 Social Innovation Fund (Fond za socijalne inovacije) provided the assets for the service, acquired bikes, needed medical supplies and hygiene materials, telephones, and a jeep as well. Also in that year an intensive cooperation has begun with Women’s Forum of Mali Idjos. From 2010, the operation of the service is entirely funded by the municipality of Mali Idjos. The municipality successfully won the tender of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy which allowed to materially expanding the service. By the help of this project, Caritas has doubled the capacity. Similarly, the project made it possible to the Women’s Forum of Mali Idjos, to employ a village trustee in each settlement on the territory of the municipality. The home-care service’s work is carried out in accordance with the village trustees and they are continuously helping one another. 

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